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Begun more than 30 years ago, Boxes and Bows was started as a hobby by its proprietor, Sandra Holben. She learned the craft of making Band Boxes at a class held at historic Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. She began making her own boxes as party favors for friends. Ironically, Sandra ended up selling the boxes to Greenfield Village for sale in their gift shop. From there Boxes and Bows grew into a prosperous business that, over the years, has sold boxes primarily in states east of the Mississippi, but also as far away as Canada, Japan and Puerto Rico. Although her base of operations has moved several times since the business was started, Sandra’s focus has always been on producing quality boxes that can be adapted to a variety of uses and that can endure indefinitely with a minimum of care. Today, each and every box sold is hand made by Sandra.

With the introduction of our online store, you now have the opportunity to design and purchase bandboxes via the internet. We hope you enjoy this added service.

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Band Boxes

Bandboxes made by Sandra Holben.